About 19K Studio

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Searching for the different point of view.

Steve Kinsey is the owner and photographer for 19K Studio, which is located just north of Austin in Georgetown Texas. He is an award winning "Fine Art" photographer with 40 some odd years of experience. He has hung and sold work in galleries across the southwest. His clients will attest to Steve's camera ability and eye for the "out of norm" and sometimes dark.

He is mostly self taught finding himself working in the studio more than outdoors of late. His photography or rather his minds eye leads him in every direction when it comes to style as he's bored with the static and images looking the same from one to the next. If one were to say he specialized in anything it would be dramatic studio lighting. He teachs that aspect from time to time in workshops held in his studio. He also offers one on one instruction for anyone interested in his style of lighting.

Steve works with state of the art equipment, though art can emanate from an old Brownie camera, he finds quality commercial images require more refined systems. Born on film he revists the medium from time to time, though most of his work is digital. If interested he will send you a list of equipment.

Steve is available for private and corporate commissions of any kind, both in the studio and on location. Please give him a call to discuss your needs and once again, Thank you for your interest in 19K Studio.

(512) 943-0609